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  • Sound Opinions

    #762 Bill Withers' Live at Carnegie Hall & Opinions on Phoebe Bridgers
    07/03/20 12:12:00AM
    Bill Withers is beloved for classics like Lean On Me, but Greg contends that Withers’ best album is Live at Carnegie Hall. Jim and Greg honor Withers’ life with a classic album dissection of that record and review the latest from Phoebe Bridgers.

    #761 Instant Commentaries & Opinions on Bob Dylan
    06/26/20 01:09:00AM
    Sometimes current events inspire urgent art. Jim and Greg share their favorite instant commentary tracks, songs that were published in a hurry in hopes of affecting change. Plus we review the latest from Bob Dylan.

    #760 Best Albums of 2020...So Far
    06/19/20 12:46:00AM
    While the year is only half over, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot couldn’t wait until December to share their favorite albums. This week, Jim and Greg share their picks for the Best Albums of 2020 so far.

    #759 Cover Songs, Opinions on Jehnny Beth & Remembering Jimmy Cobb
    06/12/20 12:13:00AM
    Jim and Greg discuss the value of cover songs and dig into the surprising stories behind some of rock's most notable examples. Also, they review the debut solo album from artist Jehnny Beth and remember drummer Jimmy Cobb.

    #758 Buried Treasures & Ask The Critics
    06/05/20 01:48:00AM
    Jim and Greg share some recent songs they're loving that are beneath the mainstream radar. They also answer some questions from listeners in another edition of Ask the Critics.