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"Parenting Through Adverse Times" Jewrine harold-brown -The Down To Earth Counselor Monique Swinney 

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By: Faith_Focused_Finish
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"Parenting Through Adverse Times"  Jewrine harold-brown -The Down To Earth Counselor  Monique Swinney 



"Parenting Through Adverse Times"

Monique Swinney, M.A.


Jewrine Brown,LCMHC, THTC, NPP

"The Down To Earth Counselor"

Here's the shortlink to their show


Mrs. Swinney is married and mother of 3 children. She  has successfully homeschooled for the past 8 years. She serves her community as a educational consultant and currently works at a psychiatric residential facility for youth. She has a passion for encouraging individuals to discover their purpose  and reach their goals. She has a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice  from Fayetteville State University and a Master's degree in Human Services with a concentration in marriage and family from Liberty University.


Jewrine Brown, is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor she graduated from Liberty University with a Masters of Arts Degree with a concentration in Marriage and Family.  She received a Bachelor’s of Science from Fayetteville State University. Ms. Brown is known as the “Down to Earth Counselor”, for her effective and safe approach to communicating with her audiences. This has allowed her to reach a wide array of demographics.  In addition to working as a Clinical Counselor, she is a talented speaker and trained as a Nurturing Parenting Program Facilitator & Connections Matter Facilitator in collaboration with Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina.  Ms. Brown is also the Founder of the “You Win Today Challenge”, and the Brand Ambassador for the F.A.Y.R. app - (Family Advocacy is Your Responsibility).  


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IG: @the_down_to_earth_counselor


FaceBook: Jewrine Brown, LCMCH

Linkedin: Jewrine Brown, LCMHC


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