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  • Sound Opinions

    #770: Give The Drummer Some
    08/28/20 09:28:20AM

    What role do drums play in Rock? Should they be keeping the beat or leading from the front? Who are some of the greatest drummers in rock music? The beat goes on as Jim and Greg focus on the contributions of drummers to rock music with drummer Joe Wong. Wong also hosts a podcast on drummers called The Trap Set.

    #769: The Replacements & Mission of Burma
    08/20/20 08:22:00PM

    The Replacements never had a hit song, but few bands have inspired such a deep connection with their fans. Bob Mehr, author of the biography Trouble Boys, talks with Jim and Greg about the band. Plus we revisit our interview with Mission of Burma.

    #768 The Velvet Underground & Nico
    08/13/20 07:15:00PM

    Jim and Greg explore the background and influence of the Velvet Underground’s debut with a classic album dissection.

    #767 The New Analog & Opinions On Neil Young
    08/06/20 07:48:00PM

    Jim and Greg talk with Galaxie 500’s Damon Krukowski about the value of analog listening in an increasingly digital world. They’ll also review new albums from Neil Young and the mysterious Sault.

    #766 Chris Frantz and Talking Heads
    07/30/20 07:14:00PM

    Jim and Greg chat with Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz about his new book, Remain In Love. The book tracks the bands commercial success and internal strife. Plus, they dig into some of their favorite tracks by the 'Heads’ and Tom Tom Club.